Friday, March 28, 2008

Dynamic Duo. Pretty Penny Vintage & Saturn Records

Classic rock and vintage frocks? You can't go wrong pairing music and fashion, and Pretty Penny and Saturn records have struck a chord with their shared space on College Ave.

The headquarters for Saturn Records is located upstairs in this shop, and while they sell most of their rare and valuable records online, you can browse through a pretty good collection downstairs. A fun atomosphere is created, I mean really what better way to shop classic tracks than surrounded by decades worth of vintage stock? And, with Pretty Penny carrying one of a kind items- sunglasses, bags, belts, dresses, tees, and a great selection of shoes- it's a must shop spot. So, before you head out to hear your favorite local band, turn it up a notch and pick up a killer vintage piece at Pretty Penny.

Pretty Penny & Saturn Records
5488 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 594-9219

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sarah dunbar said...

thanks for writing about the pretty penny/saturn records...I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND LOOK AT IT EVERYDAY...XO