Monday, March 24, 2008


Welcome to FASHION FORWARD - EAST BAY a blog devoted to bringing you the best fashion finds this side of the bridge. Oakland, Berkeley, and other cities in the East Bay aren't exactly the first names on the list of fashion capitols, but we want to show you that fashion can be found in unexpected places.

In this blog expect to find featured shops, fave finds, deals, and a little fashion and beauty advice.

Fashion Forward - EB is:
Grace Blasco and Suzzanna Matthews-Amanzio

After being born in Berkeley, Grace spent her childhood in Sonoma County, but returned to her birthplace to study English at Cal. Now with a degree and a ridiculous amount of literature on her bookshelf, she spends her time exploring the local music and fashion scene, embroidering tea towels and ashamedly watching reality TV.

Suzzanna is an east coast transplant who studied English at Mills College in Oakland, and now calls Oakland home. When she is not out exploring local shops and discovering new designers, she is watching cheesy 80's TV shows, cooking enchiladas, or daydreaming about one day designing her own line of clothes.

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