Thursday, April 10, 2008

Denim Fit Guides

Have you ever been lost as to what size to ask for when you are out looking for a new pair of jeans? Why is it that you can wear a size 28 in some jeans, and a size 26 in another? Well, there really are no sizing standards and each denim line sizes their jeans differently- even jeans within the same brand can run either smaller or larger than what a tag states. This is due to the cut of certain jeans and/or the material the jean is made of. Here are some online guides that help to de-mistify denim sizes.

Couture Candy's fit guide let you know what style fits best fr your body type-they also have some brand suggestions. The National Jean Company website lists the actual size ( not the size listed on the tag) of some of the ore popular denim brands. And, True Jeans online has a great care guide to insure you keep your jeans looking and fitting fabulous for a long time.

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