Friday, April 25, 2008

Make it a Habit to buy organic

Just in case we piqued your interest mentioning bamboo fabrics, and just in case we hadn't convinced you that green can be gorgeous, we decided to show you one more beautiful organic clothing line we recently discovered at Atomic Garden.

Habitude is a sustainable and organic clothing company based in Texas (yes, Texas!) that has created a simple, yet beautiful fashion line that is made entirely in the US. Each collection is relatively casual, but there is a simple elegance about the pieces that make them really versatile. We loved this black and white asymmetrical dress.

This simple stunner is another example of how sexy bamboo can really look (it's made with 67% bamboo, along with other organic materials!). Pair that with a pair of Melissa ballet flats and a gorgeous pendant from Molly M and you have an entire outfit that's conscientious and chic. Who knew it could be this easy?

Find it at:
5453 College Ave
(510) 923-0543

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