Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I heart Oakland!

You may have spotted the posters of folk heroes or the Oakslander zine floating around the area, or seen all sorts of people wearing that tee with the tree. Well, if you love Oakland as much as we do, you may want to join this stealthy cultural campaign to spread the word by checking out Oaklandish.

Join the army of Oakland love with their classic green and gold tee (with a subtle bling, as their website proclaims) which they print here in Oakland. Proceeds help support the "Oakland Innovators Award," which gives much needed cash to pioneering community groups. Or, if you want to really celebrate Oakland's history, check out the limited edition Rosie the Riveter tee (Oakland's own WWII heroine):

If you don't catch the Oaklandish Mobile Ops Rig at either the Grand Lake Farmer's Market or the Temescal Farmer's Market on the weekends, you can also find these beauties at Drift Denim. Did we mention they also sponsor Capture the Flag games and Lawn Bowling? check out their events page for all the happenings around town.

If you're still looking to show your support for the indie art of Oakland and to celebrate those who've made a difference, or if you just want a really awesome tee, check out 57thirtythree. Also inspired by military images and pop and folk heros, 57thirtythree tees are little works of art that pack a punch.

Many designs are printed on organic tees and they carry a great selection of men and women's designs, including tanks and really awesome hoodies.

Fashion Forward lusts after their Josephine Baker hoodie. You may see us wearing it on the streets of Oakland hanging around the Oaklandish Mobile Ops rig with fresh produce in hand.

You can find 57thirtythree at Verse Sneakers in Oakland, on their myspace, or on their Etsy site. As a side note, if you haven't discovered the joy that is Etsy, take a few minutes and explore. It will bring out your inner craftiness.

Find it at:
815 Washington St
(510) 444-8815

461 9th St
(510) 663-4400

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