Thursday, May 15, 2008

Recap: bennykelly Craft Party!

Last Sunday Fashion Forward attended an amazing craft party thrown by the lovely benny & kelly at Pretty Penny (our favorite vintage/record store combo!). Held to celebrate the closing of the Renewed tee series, every guest could stencil her own one-of-a-kind tee or fringe her own bandana. benny & kelly provided the materials and was there to show us how it's done.

There were some seriously neat shirts being made, and even if they weren't a work of art, it's still fun to get covered in paint every once in a while.  It really turned out to be stencil madness with brown horses and white elephants and red ears being stenciled on anything that was fabric. One girl decorated her dress while she wore it, while another made a pretty purple cardigan even more fabulous to wear home. It was really fun and inspiring.

Music was provided by Jody of When You Awake, an awesome L.A./New York based alt country blog. Check it out when you have the chance. And if you're looking for a cute sun dress for this wicked heat (can you believe how hot it is!) you should check out the dress rack at Pretty Penny. I saw a ton of adorable summer numbers while I was waiting for my shirt to dry. 

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