Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stay Fluffy!

There's something incredibly comforting about FluffyCo's t-shirt line. Maybe it's the super soft wash on the fabric, but I think it's because their adorable handprinted designs remind me of the educational shirts I used to wear when I was a kid and always try to find at the GoodWill and never can. I can practically smell the cheerios and hear the distant sound of "Old MacDonald."

Or maybe it's just because they're damn cute. In either case, Fashion Forward is a little obsessed with FluffyCo's style, whether it's their tees, their wallets, or their beautiful belt buckles. They're even kinda green too! All of their materials are made in the US with everything printed in their studio in San Francisco. They're vinyl wallets are also vegan! 

Most designs come in guys and girls sizes (remember that when you need a present for your picky boyfriend, brother, or any other cute boy in your life) and the hoodies are unisex. The sailboat hoodie is definitely on Fashion Forward's wishlist. (Okay, we know we're obsessed with hoodies this week! But come on! They're so cute!)

Find it at:
2840 College Ave
(510) 665-5994

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