Wednesday, June 4, 2008

510 skateboarding

Okay, we'll admit it, FF doesn't really know much about skateboarding beyond landing on your butt on the ground. But we didn't let that stop us from recently visiting the experts at 510 Skateboarding in Berkeley.

510 actually has two stores - one for gear and one for streetwear (with indie and traditional brands) - and has been serving the East Bay skate scene since 1998. FF can't really say much about the gear side of things, only that they love 'em on Yelp. The clothing side, however, seems like pure heaven for streetwear.

With a great selection of tees (the hundreds, Obey, Rebels), hats (Krooked, 59fifty), jeans (A. Reynolds), and jackets (Mankik, Chocolate), 510 Skateboarding is pretty much a one-stop shop. You wouldn't think they could cram so much into such a small space. And ladies, they do have a nice (albeit small) selection of women's clothes, so you can keep yourself busy while your man drools over the shoes.

Because what 510 really specializes in is harder to find kicks (they have a Nike SB account!). And you'll find an awesome selection of sneakers by Vans, Fallen, Lakai Select, etc.

Find the board and the shoes at:

510 Skateboarding

2506 Telegraph Ave
(510) 843-1863

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