Friday, June 27, 2008

Fashion Focus Friday: Molly M Designs

You may remember the East Bay jewelry designer Molly M from our green week in April. With beautiful laser cut designs and many pieces made from recycled materials, it's easy to be pretty in green with Molly M. Fashion Forward recently caught up with Molly to chat a little about her line.

FF: When did you start designing and making your own jewelry?

MM: I started making my own jewelry when I was in middle school - mostly beaded jewelry. Many years later, I learned how to use a laser cutter when I was doing my masters in architecture. We used the machine to cut out the pieces for architectural models. I quickly saw the potential for the machine to make intricate and unique jewelry.

FF: Tell us a bit about your design process.

MM: I start by sketching and thinking about a concept that I want the jewelry to embody. Then I scour around for materials, thinking about the concept, and how designs that embody the concept will fit with the materials I'm interested in using. So part of my work is conceptually driven, part is driven by the inherent beauty in materials.

FF: Who inspires you, and who are your favorite designers?

MM: I like a lot of op art and minimalist art like Sol LeWitt, Ellsworth Kelly, and Bridget Riley. I also get inspired by natural forms.

FF: What are your favorite local shops or designers?

MM: Drift Denim is a great store. The owners, Alfonso and Johnelle, own three or four stores in downtown Oakland and have been a pivotal part of the new energy down there. One of my favorite designers is Julia Turner. I took a jewelry design class from her once and have always been inspired b her beautiful work. She mixes enamel, gold, ebony, etc. in a really amazing way. Alice Roche is doing really awesome work with silver.

FF: What advice would you give to other indie artists?

MM: Get your stuff out to the public, even if it is not perfect. Street fairs like Feria Urbana and Capsule are inexpensive and will give you a lot of exposure.

Find Molly M at:
815 Washington St
(510) 444-8815

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