Thursday, June 19, 2008

Inspiration Points

FF's mission is to bring you the best the East Bay has to offer in Fashion. There's a lot to be found here, for sure- even if we're not named along with London, Paris, Milan....

Here are a few other blogs from parts of the world that are not generally known as style destinations.

Come Thrifting with Me, is a style blog from Singapore. Check out the outfits and handbags this blogger scores! And, check out some street scenes in Singapore.

Check out Fashion Fabi's blog from Honduras. Who knew you could find YSL pumps and thrifted designer sweaters there?

So' Fashon is Romanian designer/blogger Diana Bobar's blog space where she talks about her fave fashion finds and SATC - it is also where you can check out some of her newest designs., is another Romanian fashion blog. This blogger is also a content manager at , a Romanian online fashion mag! Check out the daily outfit pick and then take a look at the egirl site.

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