Thursday, June 12, 2008

Modern Art

The UMs handbag could be a piece of vintage modern art. They'd fit right in with Eames era works (It is not surprising that they sell them at the SF MOMA).

Designed by Berkeley based artist Josh Jakus, the handbags are eco-friendly and are made out of factory excess industrial wool felt. The design concept is minimalist, yet creates interesting shapes.

"UMs developed from two creative challenges: The first, to make use of the unique properties of pressed wool felt, and the second, to transform a flat surface into volume using only the simplest of operations. When unzipped, UMs lay completely flat for dry cleaning and easy storage — and when zipped, they become inspired forms with inherent functionality."

UMs handbags come in three different shapes- tote, clutch and in a smaller coin size pouch. Oh, and yes, they do come in different colors as well.

Find them at:
Maison d'Etre
5640 College Avenue
Oakland, CA

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