Monday, July 21, 2008

Distressed Denim. To wear or not to wear?

So, we have seen a lot of return to denim styles of the past from skinnies to high-waisted wide-legs. But one thing we never really counted on seeing tied in with premium denim designs has now become the latest trend. In a call back to 90's grunge, you can now buy distressed or "dirty" premium denim in your favorite high end stores. ( Even Barney's is carrying them!) Can this really be a trend that will take off? Would you pay a large sum of money for jeans that will perpetually look unwashed and that have large tears and holes in them?

For example these $215 True Religion jeans:

Or these $169 Paige Premium Denim jeans:

Here at FF we have our theories on this trend, but we are curious to know what you think about it. So please, send us a message or leave us a comment.

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