Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 1

I'll admit it. Until last night I was a Project Runway virgin. Not that I wanted to be, mind you, but until recently I never had cable, or a friend who had cable who was willing to have me hang out on her couch every Wednesday evening. But with my new Bravo access comes a new regular feature on Fashion Forward - a Project Runway weekly recap.

In the first episode of the 5th season the 16 new contestants had to create fashions from whatever they could find for $75 at a grocery store. Awesome. What would you make? I knew a chic who went to prom in a dress made of saran wrap. But no one on the show utilized the multi-use kitchen staple. In fact, almost everyone used tablecloths, which I, and the judges, thought was quite lame.

With all of the materials they could have used! But some used interesting finds, such as beach balls and lawnchairs. The highlight for me was a dress made entirely of ironed blue plastic cups and a yellow creation that included flyswatter accents.

The cast members to look out for this season for sheer ridiculousness are definitely Blayne - the flamboyant tan valley boy from Seattle who named his dress Girliscious - and Stella - the forty-something rocker chic with an attitude. Both ended up in the bottom three.

The cast members to expect at the top are Kelly and Korto who were in the top two of the night's challenge. Katoo made a beautiful flowy yellow dress from tablecloths with a kale and tomato neckpiece.

Kelly made a cute little dress from splatter-dyed vacuum bags with a gold thumb tac bodice and hooks made from a spiral notebook. She ended up being the night's winner. 

And the loser? Of course the cockiest contestant of the night - Jerry. A thirty-something designer who acted too good for the show until he ended up with a shower curtain monstrosity that looked like something from American Psycho. I don't think anyone was sad to see him go.

So far there hasn't been too much drama or couture, but the show has just begun, my friends. And Heidi looked fabulous, as always. Stay tuned as the show heats up for more recaps.

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