Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 3

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that this season's contestants are a little blah?

Sure, we have crazy tanning-obsessed Blayne who has to incorporate a neon touch to every hideous dress and stares at other contestants while saying he's going to eat them (is he going to whip out pinking shears next and stab someone?).
And crazy rocker Stella who makes really hideous clothes and whines all the time. And Suede who refers to himself always in the 3rd person.

But as for the good designers? It's kind of hard to tell them apart this early in the game. And no one has really wowed me yet.

Last night's competition was to take pictures of New York at night to inspire an evening look. As challenges go, it was kind of boring. Maybe I was just feeling hard to impress. Some inspirations were the Chrysler Building, a black fire hydrant for a Mad Max feel, graffiti, and the lights of Times Square.
My favorite look of the night? A beautiful black cocktail dress from Leanne, one of last week's bottom two. Inspired by the black grates around the base of a tree, the dress was structural and beautiful without being too complicated. I would wear it in a heartbeat.
The worst look of the night? A hideous shapeless mass by Keith made up of tons of swatches of blah fabric. He was inspired by a soggy magazine on the ground, which should have been a clue that it was going to turn out looking like garbage.
But did Fashion Forward have good instincts and agree with the judges? Apparently not. The loser of the night was Emily who made a dress that looked exactly like a number I had for my barbie in the 80's. It was bad, but not as bad as Keith's.
And the winner? Cute retro Kenley who also made an 80's style turquoise and purple number with interesting structured shoulders and a poof on the side that guest host Sandra Bernhart described as a cover for a goiter. It was interesting, definitely high fashion, but not nearly as beautiful as Leanne's.
And I can't believe Stella didn't make it into the bottom three with her lace-up the side black leather pants and a silver lace up vest-top. I've seen pretty much the same outfit on the streets of the Tenderloin. Not really runway material.

Hopefully next week will bring a more exciting challenge and a drop to the bottom three for Stella and Blayne. Stay tuned for next week's recap.

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David Dust said...

If it wasn't for Stella, Blayne/Tango, and friggin Suede, I think our recaps would be a lot more boring.

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