Sunday, August 31, 2008

50% off Swimsuits & Shorts at Down at Lulu's

Say goodbye to summer at Down at Lulu's today! All shorts and swimsuits half off. Check it out.

6603 Telegraph Ave
12 to 6pm

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fashion Find: From you!

This week our Friday Fashion Find comes from FF reader, Lizz.

"My best fashion find is my vintage Versace dress. I picked it up at the El Sobrante Thrift Town. Marked at $40 but I got it for $20... thank god for color tag sales!"

Thanks Lizz! What a cute dress!

Have your own great fashion find from the East Bay? Send us a pic and where you found it and we'll post in on our Friday Fashion Find.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 7

The Challenge
To create an outfit from car parts.

The Drama
This week was tame in comparison to episodes of late. Our little Blayne has gotten a bit more subdued and serious, though this week Tim did became Timliscious. Suede again talked about dead relatives, though this time none appeared to him while he was sewing. Teri talked some trash and said Korto's look was like "Jeepers Creeper and you better run for cover if he comes at you." Keith whined, as usual, and we found out Stella has a boyfriend named Rat Bone. Seriously.

The Outfits
This week most of the outfits were pretty solid and really showcased some of the designers' talent. Korto wove an entire jacket from seat belts and showed her skill and ingenuity. Stella grommeted, as usual, while constructing a lace-up vest. She tried to break out of her comfort zone by making an awkward pencil skirt from seat belts, but it ended up landing her in the bottom two. She promised it was going to look like Planet of the Apes but it was mostly just awkward and unflattering.

The Winner
Leanne is FF's guess for the winner of this season. She always makes amazing shapes and is a genius at constructing outfits that are interesting and chic. And she's just so sweet and nice!

The Loser
Finally whinny Keith is out. After trying to make excuses and blame the judges for stifling his creativity and his model for ripping his outfit, everyone finally had enough. This boring number has zero creativity and was poorly executed. I really won't miss hearing him complain every episode.

Take Our Poll and Let Us Know Who You Think Should Win Project Runway!


For all you Denim Loving Divas...come join us after hours Thursday August 28th at Drift to help you find that perfect pair of jeans. There will be complimentary champagne and $10 manicures offered by Ajuda Salon.Grab a bite to eat with your girlfriends at B Restaurant and get 1/2 off any bottle of wine for this night only.So you have to ask yourself...Are you doing anything better that Thursday Night? Come to Drift's Denim After Dark

Located at:
815 Washington St. in Oakland
Phone 510-444-8815

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love Cheap Mondays? Head over to Slash

Slash on College Ave just got a huge shipment of Cheap Monday jeans! And a new selection of Levi's, LA Made, and IT jeans. Check it out!

2840 College Ave

Sale at Sharks Vintage!

Everything! at Sharks Vintage is marked down for a back to school extravaganza! Get your butt over there for some great vintage finds.

2505 Telegraph Ave

Fashion Trend of the Week: The ruffled blouse

While yesterday we shared a guy's opinion that this Fall fashion trend was a little pointless, we can't help but love this ultra-girly look.

Pair it with a simple pencil skirt to spice up your work outfit, or wear it with high-waisted jeans for a pretty casual look. Just make sure the other pieces of your outfit are simple and understated - the ruffles are statement enough without competing with patterns or over-blown accessories.

If you're looking to score your own ruffled number, check out this lemon beauty from Sway.

2569 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA
(510) 486-9940

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Guy's Opinion

While we may think we look amazing in the hottest trend, it's an undeniable fact that part of the reason we try so hard to look this good is to please the boys. So, to find out what they really think of our fashionable selves we've asked a man near and dear to our hearts what he really thinks of Fall's top trends.

The Blazer
Photo of Katie Holmes from

This fall classic was a real winner with our guy. He liked that it made her look like an independent business woman - very sexy! The rest of the outfit, however, really determined how successful the look was. Pair it with a fitted pair of trousers and jeans with a simple top for a winning look.

The Full-Skirted Mini

image from

"Ugh, ugly. She looks like a ballerina." Obviously not a winning look for the guys. He felt it covered up the curves that define a woman's body and looked like a "puffy bag." Not a wearable look for everyday. Sorry ladies, you might want to re-think this flirty fall number and opt for a sexy pencil skirt instead.

The Ruffled Blouse
Image from Sway

Our guy had a little trouble seeing the point in all those ruffles - is it really a bib in disguise? Much like the full-skirted mini, he didn't like how the ruffles detracted from a woman's figure and would have preferred a simpler line.

Floral Prints
image from

Don't despair ladies - not all of Fall's trends were rejected by our guy. Floral and printed patterns were a real hit. Truly feminine, he liked how bright and girly fall's florals looked. Very fun and pretty!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This One's for the Boys

This coming week will be featuring Men's fashions. We will take-a -guy shopping, to see if men's runways looks translate to everyday/street wear- And we will get a guy's opinion on the latest women's looks we all love.

And, don't forget this week we begin posting all your great fashion finds!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fashion Find of the Week - You tell us

Instead of doing our usual Friday thing and bringing you something super fab we found recently at one of our favorite East Bay stores, we're asking you, fellow fashionistas, to share your favorite fashion find.

Did you find a great vintage outfit at Pretty Penny? Or a sexy pair of jeans at August? Or something else equally fabulous at another awesome East Bay store? 

Let us know! Send us an email with a pic of your find and where you bought it. Next week we'll share the goods!

pic courtesy of of pretty accessories and wallets you can find there.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 6

The Challenge
To create an outfit for a drag queen - fabulous!

"If I hear that one more time, I'm gonna barf"; or, the weekly drama
Wow, this week was full of drama, which is only appropriate considering we're talking about drag queens here. One (Hedda Lettuce) accused Suede of being lazy for not making sleeves on her outfit, and Suede, once again crumbled under attack. What happened to confident Suede of yore? Blayne, once again, called everything -liscious, as in "If I was a drag queen I'd be neonliscious," which in turn, led Leanne to respond, "If I hear that word one more time I'm gonna barf, and I guess it'll be barfaliscious."

Jerell promised to sell his outfit "like [he] was selling vacuums door to door," everyone talked shit about Keith's outfit and called it a "wookie onesie," and really everyone  just got a little wacky this episode with Joe dancing in a drag queen's bra and Suede hallucinating and talking to his dead grandfather while he sewed. Hmm....

"Did a dingo eat your baby, too?"; or, the outfits
Cause I'm lazy this week, I'm only going to show you three outfits (you can see all of them on the Project Runway site), but here are some of the highlights of the judges comments:

On Keith: when he tried to defend his wookie gear, guest judge RuPaul cut him off and asked, "Did a dingo eat your baby, too?" The outfit was also referred to as a sad molting chicken. Keith ended up in the bottom two, but stayed safe. We predict he'll be gone next round.

On Jerell: his not-drag-enough sequin number was called "a good Bar Mitzvah moment."

The Winner
Although I want to hate him, Joe has consistently turned out some great outfits and is one of the few designers who really follows instructions. This pink sailor number has a strategically placed belt to "hide the treasure."

The Loser
Finally, snively Daniel is out for this normal looking number. When asked why he didn't use sequins or go more glam he said he thought sequins would be too gaudy. I guess his "taste level" was finally a detriment. Does anyone else think he's on drugs? 

The best of the worst
Tim said this outfit looked like a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park. And on the catwalk one wing drooped, adding a lopsided air to the look. And of course, it has Blayne's signature neon pink touch. Very neonliscious.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Men's Fall Fashion Picks From Rag&Bone,Opening Ceremony, and Steven Alan.

(Photo: Rag&Bone Ready to Wear Fall 08' show)

This seasons looks in men's fashion focus on classic cuts with a natural color pallet.Be on the look out for these three great lines- Rag & Bone, Opening Ceremony, and Steven Alan. Every guy needs key basics that will last a long time and that you don't have to think about when getting dressed. You just KNOW they look good. So be on the look out for shirts and jackets, such as the Rag & Bone combo pictured above, and wear with anything shoes, like Steven Alan's classic design.

And, for when the weather gets a bit cooler a great hoodie always does the trick. check out this Opening Ceremony hoodie.

Fashion Trend of the Week

Our favorite trend this week is a must-have for fall - the blazer. Simple, sophisticated, and classic, you can rest assured that this is definitely a piece you can re-use in the years ahead.

Without fail it comes back every few years, and with a few accessory changes, the season's hottest bottom, and in style shoes, you can easily update your look.

This season, pair it with a chain necklace, loose jeans (or go with last week's fashion find - the high waisted jean), and a flowy camisole for a casually sophisticated day look.

Photo of Katie Holmes:, Nicole:, white blazer:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Arrivals for FALL at MAGNET!

New Arrivals from: Steven Alan, Demylee, Corey Lynn Calter, LnA, CHARLOTTE ronson.
Plus: New Pyrrha, Issa London, James Jeans, LA Made, Zooey as well as more summer markdowns.
Magnet Located at:
2508 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702


So, this FF blogger recently joined Wardrobe Remix on Flikr Groups. I've been trying to take pictures before heading off to work...realllly early in the morning. This is today's result. Comfy!

Another early morning photo. Taken before heading out. I ended up throwing my hair in a pony tail last minute.Wearing: Ivory Cardi: Urban. Jeans:Freedom of Choice purchased at Drift Denim. H&M Tank purchased at Crossroads on College. Vintage Givenchy Cross Body Bag purchased at The Pretty Penny on College Ave. Erica Weiner Stag Necklace purchased at Issues off Piedmont Ave. Charlotte Ronson flats bought in NYC.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cross Body Bags

We all love our large-er sized bags, but it's always nice to change it up a little. Enter the cross body bag. These bags are great for throwing over a casual outfit and heading out the door, and can add an unexpected punch of color to any outfit. Or, they can give an outfit a touch of understated class.

The best part is that you can find many great bags like these at local vintage shops. Some great styles to be on the look out for for fall are: Cross body purses in patent leather, studded bags, and fringe trimmed bags.

Fall Fashion Previews And Reviews

This week FF is giving you the heads up on upcoming Fall '08 styles. We will preview some great pieces coming to stores soon! We will also review some of the latest fall trends. So stay tuned.

P.S. For you guys, yes we will be featuring men's fall fashions too. And, stay tuned for our upcoming feature 'Take a guy shopping'.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Hour at The Pretty Penny Tonight

Ready to get the weekend started? The head over for sales and refreshments at The Pretty Penny. 50% off all shoes and jewelry from 5 to 7pm! Don't miss it.

The Pretty Penny
5488 College Ave
(510) 594-9219

Fashion Find of the Week

The High Waisted Jean is here to stay. The style is really great, fashion forward, easy, and comfortable to wear. If you haven't at least tried on a pair, FF urges you to do so.

The high waisted jean is very chic with just a white tank and a great necklace. Throw on a striped menswear shirt and/or a comfortable cardigan and you have a classic casual look. Think Jane Birkin in the 70's.

You can get a fantastic-very flattering pair of high waisters at Drift Denim in Oakland.

FF's pick of the week the Freedom of Choice Dover Jean. Pictured above.
Drift Denim is located at:
815 Washington Street
in Oakland

Friendly Fashion

Next time you head over to the Grand Lake to catch a matinee, head over to Santa Clara Ave to Micio Mambo. Run by Ursula Calderon, the most conscientious shop owner you'll ever meet, MM is a sweet shoe and accessory shop that is entirely vegan. 

Even though the shop is quite small, Ursula carries a lovely selection of shoes - and all of them are non-leather and cruelty free! Check out these sexy red wedges from Chinese Laundry:

She also carries a selection of men's shoes for those vegan hunks in your life. And while they're looking at the shoes you can check out the beautiful jewelry by Nashelle, made from recycled gold and sterling silver.

And if you're looking for great beauty products that haven't been tested on our animal friends, try out her make-up selection by Zuzu Luxe, which is lead-free and made from all natural ingredients. MM also has a great selection of lotions and balms by Earthly Body, earth-friendly products made from hemp.

Even the displays and decor in this sweet little shop are made from recycled materials, from the full-length mirror made from an old door to the carpet made from recycled coke bottles. Ursula's store is so earth-friendly that she's just been nominated for a Veggie Award for Best Vegan Storefront in VegNews. Don't forget to vote for Micio Mambo!

Go Vegan at:
474 Santa Clara Ave
(510) 836-4246

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 5

The Challenge
To design an outfit for a power woman to be worn by day and night by Brooke Shields in next seasons Lipstick Jungle. (Does anyone else adore her eyebrows?)

"I don't know what he's packing, balls or a va-jay-jay..."; or, the weekly drama
And again, I must bite my tongue for lamenting the lack of drama in the beginning of the season. The shit really hit the fan with this episode, my friends. Being forced to work in pairs really brought out the best and the worst in these designers in surprising ways.

Jerell and Stella turned out to be a match made in heaven, with Jerell praising Stella's grommiting skills and Stella being surprisingly quiet (except for her ever-present hammer. Can she finish an episode without hammering something?)

Joe whined to Tim that the outfit he was creating with Korto was poofy, and Korto almost slapped him for not telling him sooner.

Daniel made a mess of Kelli's skirt and Terri questioned Suede's manhood as he struggled with her drapey shirt. And dear Suede, usually so confident, curled up like a little snail and suffered Terri's wrath in silence. And Kelli, usually such a hard-ass gave us some sob story about her disabled grandma and not getting enough love and attention at home (sorry for those of you with disabled grandmas. I love grandmas, I swear!).

"It's looks like a woman who got dressed without a mirror"; or, the outfits

The Best
Jerell and Stella paired up to make this modern take on business wear. While we think it's a little busy, the outfit has an awesome silhouette and we love the high-waisted effect created by the leather belt.

Keith finally created a winner this week and with Kenley's help was able to refine his usually somewhat abstract style. While still maintaining his fascination with texture, Keith added a pop of color that was missing from some of his earlier looks. Again, we love the high waist and the loose top, but aren't really loving the amount of ruffle on the skirt (but since fall is going to be all ruffle, I guess we should get used to it).

The Worst
Kelli and Daniel were not a winning combination on this look. Kelli's over the top style ("I immediately thought, a great leopard print") and Daniel's sloppiness merged to create a slutty mess. With an ill-fitting bodice that looked like something from Frederick's of Hollywood and a trashy color combo, this look had the judges questioning both Daniel and Kelli's taste. And when Daniel defended himself by saying he had impeccable taste, Kenley burst out laughing uncontrollably.Blayne and Leanne worked together on this shorts ensemble that just barely missed the mark. Too casual and ill-focused, Heidi claimed it was the look of someone who got dressed without a mirror. While we agree it wasn't one of the best looks, we thought it wasn't as bad as the judges made it out to be.

The Results
Kelli's poor taste lead to her elimination though we felt Daniel was the real loser. Whinny and lacking in basic skills (did you see the skirt he made! I could practically sew better than that and I can barely thread a needle!) we hope he's out next week.

And the winner was Keith and Kenley's sophisticated ruffle look. While we liked the silhouette of Jerell and Stella's look better, the color choices were better on Keith's design and was overall a more put-together look.

Melt Boutique

If you're getting ready for a night in the city, or planing on hitting up some of the many bars and restaurants on Grand (may we suggest The Alley), check out Melt Boutique.

Run by stylist Malaika Mitchell, this simple and stylish boutique has a great selection of dark wash jeans, sexy tops, and pretty dresses perfect for a night out.

With a mix of designer brands like People's Liberation, William Rast, and Tracy Reese, and a nice selection of lesser known brands, you can definitely find something no one else will be wearing. They also carry pretty jewelry and accessories to complete your evening look.

582 Grand Ave

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sneak Peek to Fall

Even though we already introduced you to our trend of the week yesterday, since it was a suggestion of what not to wear we're bringing you an exciting sneak peak for fall. Check out TV for a look at what to look for when doing your back to school shopping. We're so excited the pencil skirt is here to stay!

Art Show Tomorrow at Down At Lulu's!

Head over to our favorite vintage boutique/hair salon tomorrow night from 7 - 10 for the opening reception of Rock N Rollin, an awesome photo show. Don't miss the clothes, the art, the food, and drinks.

6603 Telegraph Ave
(510) 601 - 0964

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fashion Trend of the Week

Okay, we know we promised we would bring you our favorite fashion trends each week, but really, when there's this much to hate it's hard to focus on the good. We've noticed in the last few weeks an alarming number of stars sporting rolled jeans, most noticeably on the usually fashion savvy Katie Holmes.

Ugh. Pegged pants aren't just for bicyclists anymore. And we're not even going to comment on the Dorothy shoes.


Twisters Vintage Sidewalk Sale this weekend

Twisters Vintage is holding a huge warehouse sale on Sunday from 10 am to 2pm. $5 clothing, mannequins, hats, shoes, and other great items for sale, including fabric and costumes galore.
And everything in the store is 10-40% off!

2445 San Pablo Ave
(510) 548-9478

Lakeshore is Grand!

This week we'll continue our tour of the Grand/Lakeshore neighborhood, sharing a few more of our favorite beauty stops and shops. Stay tuned...

Friday, August 8, 2008

FF Find of the Week

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. This stuff rocks! After struggling to find a great natural looking foundation- from expensive, really expensive, department store counter stuff, to bargain goods at Target, and finally Mineral Make-up that was just too matte looking- I got some great advice at Herringbone in Berkeley. Kevin Aucoin's Skin Enhancer offers great coverage that can be layered as needed,and it looks dewy and natural not dry or caked on.

"Description: A multi-tasking formula for creating a gorgeous, flawless complexion.

Mimics the appearance of healthy, radiant skin
May be used as a spot foundation, concealer, all-over foundation and more
Silky, hydrating formula with honey and jojoba oil
Creates a smooth, radiant finish
SX 08 is a medium shade with warm gold undertones

Recommended Use: Apply sparingly (a pin sized amount) with your finger or concealer brush on top of freshly moisturized or primed skin and blend. Apply more as desired."

Herringbone is located at:
1527 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 649-9442

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 4

The Challenge
To design an outfit for the USA olympic team for the opening ceremonies

Meshugana; or, the weekly drama
I bitched about no drama last week, well honey, we had ourselves some drama this week. Ol' Joe, who should be guzzling light beer while watching football instead of designing clothes bitched out Daniel for "re-threading his machine." Everyone got mad at Kenley for insanely giggling and practically throwing herself at Daniel. Jerell accused Blayne of looking "tanorexic" after his tanning fast, and it's all "totally wackadoodle," according to Suede. Fabric was stolen, dirty looks were exchanged, and Blayne cried for his missing booth.

"She has the sweatshop hidden under her table"; or, the outfits
The bottom line is, almost no one made an outfit that looked remotely sporty or would look good on an athlete because, as guest judge Apollo (that sexy speed skater with the dorky but wicked looking goatee) says, these are muscular women.

The best:
Terri's look, according to Jennifer, looked like it came from the sweatshop hidden under her table. Complete with blazer, scarf, tube top and pants, the look was classy, patriotic, and would actually look good on an athlete.

Korto's look was also simple and classy, but also showcased her genius with fabrics. Using lightweight leather for the vest added interest while the linen pants were both breezy and practical and also added texture to the outfit.

Beer guzzling Joe actually had a top three look this week with this sporty number. While it felt a little dated (yes, that is a skort!), it followed the expectations of the challenge the best.

The Worst
As the judges said, if your sport was drinking this would be the perfect outfit. This purple (it was supposed to be blue) cocktail dress landed Daniel in the bottom two. Definitely not appropriate for the Olympics.

This hideous number by Jennifer gives retro a bad name. I really have nothing to say about it.

The Results
We said goodbye to Jennifer and gave Korto the prize.

"It looks like Mary had a little lamb"; or, the best of the worst
As Nina Garcia said, it looks like Mary had a little lamb on this one. Do I even have to describe how awesomely bad this outfit is? And does anyone else think Jerell's model looks wackadoodle?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hollywood lights on Lakeshore - Glow Boutique

Glow boutique is just a few doors down from Maribel and is a necessary stop on any trip to Lakeshore. Though the shop does carry cute Oakland tee's, they mostly channel an L.A. vibe by carrying trends and labels that Hollywood starlets like Kate Hudson wear. Glow also carries jeans from popular so-cal labels like Freedom of Choice, Antik Denim, Born in California, and Grass Jeans. They also have a selection of dresses perfect for glaming yourself up for a night at the club. You can also find cute tops from Nick & Mo and other comfy tees along with great costume jewelry, handbags, and belts at great prices.

Glow is located at:
3261 Lakeshore Ave.,
(510) 832-4132,