Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fashion Trend of the Week

As a new feature of Fashion Forward, we're going to introduce you to one new trend a week to keep you on your fashion toes. This introductory week, however, we're going to start out a little differently and caution you against this new fashion trend.

According to one of our favorite trend watching sites,, hair bows, a la turn-of-the-century (and not this century!) little girls is the new look to covet for the end of the summer.

All we can say is ick. Yes, sometimes it's nice to channel looks from our childhood, but what self-respecting woman wants to look like a pre-pubescent girl? Maybe we're just frightened by bows in general, but what comes to mind are bridesmaid dresses gone wrong and and baby dolls (and not the cute dresses, but the toys).

We'd love to know what you think. Post a comment with your opinion: Will you be sporting a perky bow on your summer locks, or will you avoid this juvenile trend like the plague?

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