Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Guy's Opinion

While we may think we look amazing in the hottest trend, it's an undeniable fact that part of the reason we try so hard to look this good is to please the boys. So, to find out what they really think of our fashionable selves we've asked a man near and dear to our hearts what he really thinks of Fall's top trends.

The Blazer
Photo of Katie Holmes from usmagazone.com

This fall classic was a real winner with our guy. He liked that it made her look like an independent business woman - very sexy! The rest of the outfit, however, really determined how successful the look was. Pair it with a fitted pair of trousers and jeans with a simple top for a winning look.

The Full-Skirted Mini

image from instyle.com

"Ugh, ugly. She looks like a ballerina." Obviously not a winning look for the guys. He felt it covered up the curves that define a woman's body and looked like a "puffy bag." Not a wearable look for everyday. Sorry ladies, you might want to re-think this flirty fall number and opt for a sexy pencil skirt instead.

The Ruffled Blouse
Image from Sway

Our guy had a little trouble seeing the point in all those ruffles - is it really a bib in disguise? Much like the full-skirted mini, he didn't like how the ruffles detracted from a woman's figure and would have preferred a simpler line.

Floral Prints
image from instyle.com

Don't despair ladies - not all of Fall's trends were rejected by our guy. Floral and printed patterns were a real hit. Truly feminine, he liked how bright and girly fall's florals looked. Very fun and pretty!

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