Thursday, August 7, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 4

The Challenge
To design an outfit for the USA olympic team for the opening ceremonies

Meshugana; or, the weekly drama
I bitched about no drama last week, well honey, we had ourselves some drama this week. Ol' Joe, who should be guzzling light beer while watching football instead of designing clothes bitched out Daniel for "re-threading his machine." Everyone got mad at Kenley for insanely giggling and practically throwing herself at Daniel. Jerell accused Blayne of looking "tanorexic" after his tanning fast, and it's all "totally wackadoodle," according to Suede. Fabric was stolen, dirty looks were exchanged, and Blayne cried for his missing booth.

"She has the sweatshop hidden under her table"; or, the outfits
The bottom line is, almost no one made an outfit that looked remotely sporty or would look good on an athlete because, as guest judge Apollo (that sexy speed skater with the dorky but wicked looking goatee) says, these are muscular women.

The best:
Terri's look, according to Jennifer, looked like it came from the sweatshop hidden under her table. Complete with blazer, scarf, tube top and pants, the look was classy, patriotic, and would actually look good on an athlete.

Korto's look was also simple and classy, but also showcased her genius with fabrics. Using lightweight leather for the vest added interest while the linen pants were both breezy and practical and also added texture to the outfit.

Beer guzzling Joe actually had a top three look this week with this sporty number. While it felt a little dated (yes, that is a skort!), it followed the expectations of the challenge the best.

The Worst
As the judges said, if your sport was drinking this would be the perfect outfit. This purple (it was supposed to be blue) cocktail dress landed Daniel in the bottom two. Definitely not appropriate for the Olympics.

This hideous number by Jennifer gives retro a bad name. I really have nothing to say about it.

The Results
We said goodbye to Jennifer and gave Korto the prize.

"It looks like Mary had a little lamb"; or, the best of the worst
As Nina Garcia said, it looks like Mary had a little lamb on this one. Do I even have to describe how awesomely bad this outfit is? And does anyone else think Jerell's model looks wackadoodle?

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