Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 5

The Challenge
To design an outfit for a power woman to be worn by day and night by Brooke Shields in next seasons Lipstick Jungle. (Does anyone else adore her eyebrows?)

"I don't know what he's packing, balls or a va-jay-jay..."; or, the weekly drama
And again, I must bite my tongue for lamenting the lack of drama in the beginning of the season. The shit really hit the fan with this episode, my friends. Being forced to work in pairs really brought out the best and the worst in these designers in surprising ways.

Jerell and Stella turned out to be a match made in heaven, with Jerell praising Stella's grommiting skills and Stella being surprisingly quiet (except for her ever-present hammer. Can she finish an episode without hammering something?)

Joe whined to Tim that the outfit he was creating with Korto was poofy, and Korto almost slapped him for not telling him sooner.

Daniel made a mess of Kelli's skirt and Terri questioned Suede's manhood as he struggled with her drapey shirt. And dear Suede, usually so confident, curled up like a little snail and suffered Terri's wrath in silence. And Kelli, usually such a hard-ass gave us some sob story about her disabled grandma and not getting enough love and attention at home (sorry for those of you with disabled grandmas. I love grandmas, I swear!).

"It's looks like a woman who got dressed without a mirror"; or, the outfits

The Best
Jerell and Stella paired up to make this modern take on business wear. While we think it's a little busy, the outfit has an awesome silhouette and we love the high-waisted effect created by the leather belt.

Keith finally created a winner this week and with Kenley's help was able to refine his usually somewhat abstract style. While still maintaining his fascination with texture, Keith added a pop of color that was missing from some of his earlier looks. Again, we love the high waist and the loose top, but aren't really loving the amount of ruffle on the skirt (but since fall is going to be all ruffle, I guess we should get used to it).

The Worst
Kelli and Daniel were not a winning combination on this look. Kelli's over the top style ("I immediately thought, a great leopard print") and Daniel's sloppiness merged to create a slutty mess. With an ill-fitting bodice that looked like something from Frederick's of Hollywood and a trashy color combo, this look had the judges questioning both Daniel and Kelli's taste. And when Daniel defended himself by saying he had impeccable taste, Kenley burst out laughing uncontrollably.Blayne and Leanne worked together on this shorts ensemble that just barely missed the mark. Too casual and ill-focused, Heidi claimed it was the look of someone who got dressed without a mirror. While we agree it wasn't one of the best looks, we thought it wasn't as bad as the judges made it out to be.

The Results
Kelli's poor taste lead to her elimination though we felt Daniel was the real loser. Whinny and lacking in basic skills (did you see the skirt he made! I could practically sew better than that and I can barely thread a needle!) we hope he's out next week.

And the winner was Keith and Kenley's sophisticated ruffle look. While we liked the silhouette of Jerell and Stella's look better, the color choices were better on Keith's design and was overall a more put-together look.

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