Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 6

The Challenge
To create an outfit for a drag queen - fabulous!

"If I hear that one more time, I'm gonna barf"; or, the weekly drama
Wow, this week was full of drama, which is only appropriate considering we're talking about drag queens here. One (Hedda Lettuce) accused Suede of being lazy for not making sleeves on her outfit, and Suede, once again crumbled under attack. What happened to confident Suede of yore? Blayne, once again, called everything -liscious, as in "If I was a drag queen I'd be neonliscious," which in turn, led Leanne to respond, "If I hear that word one more time I'm gonna barf, and I guess it'll be barfaliscious."

Jerell promised to sell his outfit "like [he] was selling vacuums door to door," everyone talked shit about Keith's outfit and called it a "wookie onesie," and really everyone  just got a little wacky this episode with Joe dancing in a drag queen's bra and Suede hallucinating and talking to his dead grandfather while he sewed. Hmm....

"Did a dingo eat your baby, too?"; or, the outfits
Cause I'm lazy this week, I'm only going to show you three outfits (you can see all of them on the Project Runway site), but here are some of the highlights of the judges comments:

On Keith: when he tried to defend his wookie gear, guest judge RuPaul cut him off and asked, "Did a dingo eat your baby, too?" The outfit was also referred to as a sad molting chicken. Keith ended up in the bottom two, but stayed safe. We predict he'll be gone next round.

On Jerell: his not-drag-enough sequin number was called "a good Bar Mitzvah moment."

The Winner
Although I want to hate him, Joe has consistently turned out some great outfits and is one of the few designers who really follows instructions. This pink sailor number has a strategically placed belt to "hide the treasure."

The Loser
Finally, snively Daniel is out for this normal looking number. When asked why he didn't use sequins or go more glam he said he thought sequins would be too gaudy. I guess his "taste level" was finally a detriment. Does anyone else think he's on drugs? 

The best of the worst
Tim said this outfit looked like a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park. And on the catwalk one wing drooped, adding a lopsided air to the look. And of course, it has Blayne's signature neon pink touch. Very neonliscious.

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