Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 7

The Challenge
To create an outfit from car parts.

The Drama
This week was tame in comparison to episodes of late. Our little Blayne has gotten a bit more subdued and serious, though this week Tim did became Timliscious. Suede again talked about dead relatives, though this time none appeared to him while he was sewing. Teri talked some trash and said Korto's look was like "Jeepers Creeper and you better run for cover if he comes at you." Keith whined, as usual, and we found out Stella has a boyfriend named Rat Bone. Seriously.

The Outfits
This week most of the outfits were pretty solid and really showcased some of the designers' talent. Korto wove an entire jacket from seat belts and showed her skill and ingenuity. Stella grommeted, as usual, while constructing a lace-up vest. She tried to break out of her comfort zone by making an awkward pencil skirt from seat belts, but it ended up landing her in the bottom two. She promised it was going to look like Planet of the Apes but it was mostly just awkward and unflattering.

The Winner
Leanne is FF's guess for the winner of this season. She always makes amazing shapes and is a genius at constructing outfits that are interesting and chic. And she's just so sweet and nice!

The Loser
Finally whinny Keith is out. After trying to make excuses and blame the judges for stifling his creativity and his model for ripping his outfit, everyone finally had enough. This boring number has zero creativity and was poorly executed. I really won't miss hearing him complain every episode.

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