Thursday, October 2, 2008

Designer Profile: Who is bennykelly?

bennykelly is a clothing line created by designer Kelly Holbrook to recapture that magical play we all need from our little child within. Kelly wants people to see that even when you are grown you can still incorporate the little necessities-like a funny picture or an interactive outfit-that make us excited even for just a split moment.

With bennykelly, Kelly combines simple classic apparel design, for both men women, with post abstract graffiti expressionalism (i.e. stencils and screens of a limited run). Every garment created is piece dyed and handmade, giving each a truly unique one-of-a-kind look. Kelly has also pushed to incorporate the overall guide of sustainability when producing our garments. This is one of the reason bennykelly runs such a limited series of most designs, the limitation of recycled or reused supplies.

Recently bennykelly has launched an infant toddler line to bring friends child-friendly designs that are not only sustainable, but avoid the cutesy-wutesy designs found at most children's boutiques.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a sneak peak at bennykelly's Fall/Winter line, which will premiere at the "Mineral" fashion show at The Pretty Penny on October 25th.

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